What should you look for in a real estate agent to list your house?

Firstly. If interviewing multiple agents ask them all the exact questions suggested below. Write down their answers for comparison later.

Check out their Internet presence. Google their "name" with the word "Realtor" 

Find out how well they know not only the overall market but your community as well. Ask direct questions like "how much are the Home owner fees in my community?" or, what is the price range of homes that have sold in the past year?

 They should be able to effortlessly answer your questions about the diversity of homes, the recent sold history and current competition as well as the amenities, fees and history,  WITHOUT referring to notes or looking it up.

If you live on the water it may be advantageous to have a realtor who is a boater and knows the waters and how far it is to destinations. Ask them if they are.

If you live in a golf course community it might be helpful if your realtor is a golfer, a golfer who has actually played your course and can talk about it first hand. Ask them if they are.

Past and recent success is the best indicator of future success. You should ask how many homes they have sold in the past year, and how many have they sold in the past 5 years. Get specific answers.

Beware of titles like "Realtor Of The Year" or "Gold Team". These terms do not nessasarily mean they sold the most property. In fact often, Realtor of the year has little to do with how much property was sold. It can be merely a Peer Award for working well with others and community service, all important, but may have little to do with their marketing, salesmanship and results for their buyers and sellers.

They should show you a marketing plan for your house. Not just a bunch of copies of whatever their Broker has given them for a presentation deck that is vague and not specific to your place. Waterfronts should be marketed differently than non-waterfront. Luxury homes require custom plans, as do private communities and golf course homes. 

Ask them if real estate sales is their full time employment.

Lastly, evaluate your face to face perception of their professionalism. Are they dressed for business? Are they knowledgeable and articulate. Did they answer your call immediately or did it take them a day to call you back? Did they answer your questions fully?

Feel free to always call me with your real estate questions.

Jimmy white