it is widely accepted that Spring is the best time of year to sell a house. If that is your plan you should begin your preparation with a good Spring cleaning over the winter. Inexpensive things can make a huge difference in how a home shows to potential buyers. Closets looks much larger when neatly organized and not stuffed to the ceiling. If you are planning on moving anyway, this is the time to get rid of those 4 extra pairs of tennis shoes you will never wear again. Or the tee shirt collection from your college days that you might wear again someday when you retire. You won't. One strategy is at the beginning of fa the fall turn all of your hanging garments so that the hanger is backwards. In the spring anything that has not been turned back to the proper hanger position goes. Donate or dispose, in any event it goes. 

Same for the pantry. Organize those cans, and eliminate that cake mix from 2012. And under the kitchen sink, simplify, eliminate the scary looking solvents and cleaners and scrub it down making it look spring clean.

You get the idea. We get so used to our stuff that we don't see it as a buyer might. Other inexpensive things, replace very worn or broken toilet seats, tighten loose door knobs, replace all burned out light bulbs, get new front door mat. Seriously clean oven, range and refrigerator. Scrub and caulk shower stalls and tubs removing those black stains. Clean out the garage, at the very least sweep out all the leaves and dust and dirt that has accumulated there since you moved in.

Now, you may need more if you have deferred maintenance issues or things that are broken. Discuss those items with your realtor as to the cost efficiency of repairing up front or making price adjustments. But the things that just take a little time and effort and are free or inexpensive can be done in the quiet months before what we hope will be a fantastic Spring selling season. Feel free to call Jimmy White for real estate advice. 4103203647