About 16 years ago i met a dude named Gary Booth who I came to know and love as Odell. Well, in one of the most interesting coincidences I have ever experienced , Odell had a Redskins affinity tag with the number 0817. This was my badge number and was written on hundreds of arrest records during my time with PGPD. I of course told Odell that story as well as the story of my dad "giving"me his bonneville. So about a week ago Odell calls me and tells me he was turning in his leased Lexus adding " Hollis", he calls me Hollis, "I'd like you to have this tag....for a thousand dollars". He was of course kidding and mocking my father, I hope, cause I didn't give him a dime for it. So from Hollis to Odell I wanna thank you for your friendship and for this special gift that no one else could have given me. I will treasure it always.