You know what I like about The Kent Island area? Lots. It is so open, blue sky surrounded by water every where yet so small that you can just about know everybody. Everyday I see my friends every where, Karen Dooley today at the grocery store, passed my buddy Tom Conroy on rt 50 yestetday. Tonight at a private tasting at Roxie's Table on Kent Island my delightful server Kim recognized me as the famous realtor. Her in laws are my dear friends the Kershaws from Prospect Bay. Her husband and I worked together at the MD lottery for 11 years. At another event I saw my old pal Tom Beery and his delightful wife Jean Beery and then there was one of the most professional and graceful realtors,now retired, and current CBEC advocate and nature photographer Susan Hale, what photos, gorgeous. People in general on this side of the bridge are just happier and friendlier. Around here we hold doors open for each other, let you in traffic instead of cutting you off. Seldom do you hear a car horn blown in anger. We smile at you and say hi, even if we don't know you. People here just seem to like where they are in life. Yep, the greater Kent Island area is a great place to live ,work and play, and If you can possibly make it happen i highly recommend it. If you have similar observations share this post and add your thoughts. How lucky are we to live in this great place and in this great country?
God Bless Kent Island and God Bless the United States of America.